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Image of Skimmers
  • Image of Skimmers

18ct bi-metal*, sterling silver and Ceylon Sapphire earrings.

All the earring designs in this range have come from my wanderings on New Zealand beaches. Finding those perfect flat stones to skim across the water is always a must when I visit a beach. These earrings have been inspired by those stones.

They are made by hand cutting uneven stone shapes in 18ct bi-metal and then embossing the face, a setting and post is then soldered on the back, stones are set by me.

Approximate dimensions: 20mm x 25mm x 2mm

Please note: These earrings are made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks to be shipped.

Want me to make these in pure 9ct or 18ct gold, oxidised or plain sterling silver? Send me a message using the contact page.

* A thin sheet of pure 18ct gold is bonded to a sheet of sterling silver.